Linear Unit RHL110

RHL is a complete linear unit with rail guide and toothed belt. The unit is delivered ready to mount and thereby saves both design and assembly time.

Linear Unit RHL is available in two sizes, RHL80 and RHL110. The units are based on aluminium profile and equipped with linear rail, belt and pulleys. The stroke length is selectable per millimetre from 0 up to 10 metres.

Rollco cut and assemble everything in our own workshop, which enables very short delivery times.
There are various accessories such as T-slots, angles and mounting plates in stock. We can also manufacture motor flanges and make other adjustments according to customer specifications.

Product characteristics:
• Compact unit
• Compatible with structural systems
• Possible to use in X-Y-Z systems
• Customized versions available upon request

Dimensions in mm.
For higher values than stated in the table below, please contact Rollco.
The no load torque (T0) is a typical value for a new unit and will normally decrease with use. For extremely long strokes (above 6 meter) and for units oriented horizontal and with the slider oriented to the side, the no load torque value may exceed the typical values stated.
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Product Information

Designation Select all CAD Compare Get quote Lead Time * Mass of Linear Unit incl. Slider – 0 mm Stroke (kg) Mass of Slider (kg) Add. Mass of Complete Unit for Each +100 mm Stroke (kg) Permissible Load Fz (N) Permissible Load Fy (N) Permissible Moment Mx (Nm) Permissible Moment My (Nm) Permissible Moment Mz (Nm) Max. Speed (m/s) Max. Drive Torque (Nm) Belt Type Belt Width Pulley radius Tooth pitch Max. Traction Load Fx (N) Belt Breaking Strength (N) No Load Torque (Nm) Stroke for shaft revolution Slider length
Get quote 2 14.5 1.8 1.34 2000 1000 100 100 100 2.5 75 AT 10 49 36.6 10 2000 29780 2 230 200
Get quote 2 20.4 3.8 1.34 4000 2000 200 900 900 2.5 75 AT 10 49 36.6 10 2000 29780 2 230 500

*Green: Normally in stock, contact us for current status. Blue: Contact us for delivery time.