Flanged Block Type FNS

This light-weight flanged runner block is designed for cost-effective applications such as assembly and handling processes. Mounting dimensions are identical to those of the steel guiding rails and in accordance to DIN 645-1, which makes them interchangeable and replaceable.
The runner block has a lateral abutment edge and can then be screwed from above or below. Runner block consists of an aluminium alloy with a tensile strength of 350N/mm2, balls and running tracks of hardened stainless steel, X46Cr13 (1.4034). All others parts are made of POM. The carriage is pre-lubricated and has standard seal units, which can be replaced.

Determination of the dynamic load capacities and torques is based on a travel life of 100.000 m. Due to the mechanical operations of guide rails and runner block with their different materials, is not possible to clearly indicate a static load rating. In this case never exceed Max permissible load or Static moment Mr0. Otherwise malfunction or damage may occur.

Dimensions in mm.
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Technical Drawing
Designation Lead Time * System Height (H) System Width (W) Block Length (L) W1 M1 P1 P2
1 24 47 64 15 M5 30 38 Get quote
1 30 63 85,90 20 M6 40 53 Get quote
1 36 70 96 23 M8 45 57 Get quote

* Green: Stock item, normally immediate shipment. Blue: Contact us for delivery time.

Technical Drawing
Designation h2 L1 M1 T W1 W2
19,80 37,80 M5 6 15 16 Get quote
24,70 51,50 M6 8 20 21,50 Get quote
29,90 58 M8 9,30 23 23,50 Get quote
Additional Drawing 1
Designation Dynamic Load Capacity C Dynamic Moment Mr Dynamic Moment Mp Dynamic Moment My Static Moment Mr0 Static Moment Mp0 Static Moment My0 Max. Permissible Load Fmax Weight Block
5000 KN 36 Nm 29 Nm 29 Nm 14 Nm 12 Nm 12 Nm 2000 N 0,08 kg Get quote
11000 KN 101 Nm 89 Nm 89 Nm 40 Nm 35 Nm 35 Nm 4400 N 0,18 kg Get quote
16000 KN 165 Nm 147 Nm 147 Nm 66 Nm 59 Nm 59 Nm 6400 N 0,26 kg Get quote